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We are the Corbellati family, for 70 years creators of jewels, artists, art enthusiasts, today the last generation, passionate to the sports cars, has embarked on a new venture full of challenges to continue in the name of family tradition. Our goal is to create a car with unique performance and unique design, just like a jewel.


The adventure began a few years ago, a little for fun and a little for passion, but in a short time it became a serious and demanding project that absorbed all our energies, working day by day more and more to personally follow every aspect of design and realization. Just like the goldsmith who makes every single part of the jewel by hand, with a maniacal attention to the detail, we do the same designing the smallest components and assembling them manually.


Our commitment will be rewarded with the opportunity to show our world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 and at the Top Marques in Monaco where we will wait for all the people who want to get in touch with us and get to know our hypercar.


Missile, this is the name chosen, a simple name of impact that clearly communicates our intentions: being the fastest in the world. The target we have set is undoubtedly very high, and without any doubt to most of the people it may seem that we did so only to gain notoriety, but behind this target there are months of calculations on the aerodynamics to get very little drag force and the necessary down force to reach and exceed 500 km / h. The heart of the car is its other strength to achieve the goal, in fact the V8 9-liter biturbo releases 1800 horsepower and 2350Nm of torque, creating together with the aerodynamics the conditions to be a unique car.


The braking system with carboceramic disks, the 20-inch 265/35 tires at the front and 345/30 at the rear, the self-leveling double quadrilateral air suspension and finally the frame and the bodywork handmade in carbon fiber are the perfect contour to the power unit and the aerodinamics.


The dream is becoming reality.


From the collaboration of engineers, designers, goldsmiths and craftmen is growing the fastest road jewel of the world: union of elegance and technology.

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